About Iris

I’m Iris, a designer from the teeny-tiny Netherlands and the founder of Alta - High on Life. I am dedicated to designing products that encourage living an expansive and expressive way of life. 
A true believer in infusing every-day with curiosity and introspection I feel the really good stuff lives in expanding our mind and body through personal growth and self-exploration. 

A designer by trade and adventurer by heart, you may have seen me talk at Creative Mornings, or maybe we have met during a climbing trip. Either way, I’m glad you’re here. 

After earning my Masters degree in Industrial Design and working as a designer & researcher for a few years I founded Alta in 2021. It was during the many workshops I have designed and facilitated that I found that the creative hands-on methods I was practicing were exceptionally effective in unraveling people’s inner wants and needs. 

So I started implementing these creative methods into my own life by designing my own exercises and tools. From mapping my thoughts and unravelling blockers to transforming them into focus and actionable plans. Ever since, I have created many hands-on tools for friends that have helped them with structuring their thinking and unleashing their potential to navigate their way through life - just like designer’s do in their daily design practice.


And that’s how Alta came to be. 


My favorite part of building Alta products is to be able to provide people with the hands-on tools to start living a life they design themselves. All from the comfort of their own homes. 


That's why I founded Alta;

to build a holistic brand that encourages people to be curious about themselves, feel confident and high on life!


About Alta


Behind the name Alta 
is a little story I love to share. 

A few years ago I had the opportunity to work as a design intern at the apparel department of an outdoor brand in Salt Lake City. The head designer was a tall woman and a real badass. One day after work her impressively tall husband and toddler came to visit the atelier to pick her up. The small kid that ran into the room at that moment was such a bold little lady herself, and her name was Alta. Her parents, who were both tall people, gave her this name because of its meaning: tall (woman) or high. 


Ever since, I have not forgotten about this rad girl Alta. She embodies what I imagine this brand to embrace: a state of mind, to be high on life. 

The Alta method

It takes a lot of effort and introspection to figure out how you want to live your life and develop yourself. Answers to deep questions are hard to come up with, since they are buried deep down within us. We often lack the means to make our inner thoughts explicit. 

Generative design research tools and techniques are designed to make the implicit more explicit. 

By providing people with carefully designed hands-on exercises and associative words & symbolic shapes as prompting sets, creative thought is activated. This design approach gives people the means to unravel their inner wants and needs in an inspiring and constructive way.

Whats included-07.png

Alta’s life design

At Alta we design the generative exercises in our kits based on the theory of these proven generative design research techniques. This enables us to guide you in the self-documentation of your thoughts, feelings, ideas and experiences being reflected upon. 


Alta’s design approach to life is rooted in experiment and curiosity for turning thoughts into focus and actionable steps and providing you with a clearer sense of direction in life. We provide you with the tools you need for designing your life and career.

We combine digital guidance with tangible products because we believe tactility is a necessary element for people to be able to express themselves fully.  

What others say

"Iris takes you on a hands-on journey of self-discovery. She offers a lot to stimulate your thinking and organise your thoughts, all by yourself and at your own pace. I just love how the visual prompts enabled me to access thoughts and insights buried deep down within me, without even trying!"

Jorieke, The Netherlands

The Alta elements

At the core of our focus is a range of Alta elements that complement each other holistically. We build these elements for an expansive life into the products we design. At Alta we don’t just create the tools for this way of life -- we live it.


Our values

Through a small product range we offer creative kits from premium quality and sustainable materials. We aim for the most sustainable solutions* in the creation of our products and try to exclude plastics any way we can. 

+ The Kits are produced in the Netherlands with an eco-friendly press machine using sustainable print production on FSCⓇ certified, post-consumer & recycled paper 
+ Our packaging is made from grass and paper cardboard and is fully recyclable
+ We choose paper sticker sheets over vinyl based
+ Everything we sell is made in Europe


FSC® certified, post-consumer & recycled paper


Eco-friendly press & sustainable print production


Recyclable grass -and paper cardboard packaging


Eco-friendly prompts 


Made in Europe

*Interested in why we do not choose for bio-degradable materials? Please be informed about biodegradable material specifics. Read more here.

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