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When figuring out our next move in both our personal and professional life we often don’t know where to start. In what seems like a sea of choices and many external influences it’s hard to make any decisions at all, let alone figure out what’s best for you personally.  


To be able to make any choices at all, especially important life decisions, you need clarity and focus on your own intrinsic motivations. Once you know what makes you tick and needs prioritization you’ll be able to close many tabs open in your mind. 


In order To transform your cluttered headspace into a tidy space of focus you need a well-structured approach. The high on life kit offers a step-by-step process for mapping your thoughts and enables you to refine your thinking and distill what’s most important to you. Once you are clear on your personal values, a set of guiding principles will expose your main priorities at this stage in your life. This outline will direct you in future decision making in both your personal and professional life. 


The High on Life kit offers the tools you’ll need for identifying who you are and what’s important to you so you can start centering all that you do around your strengths and motivations. 

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What is it that Alta offers deze Doelgroep?

Maak het meeste van je professionele leven door kennis van je ware motivaties en ####

The Kit

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Achtergrond met nadruk voor deze doelgroep relevante invalshoek

At Alta we believe personal development is about so much more than writing down short-term SMART goals in a generic PD-plan, that’s being used to review your performance. 

We believe in a comprehensive approach to personal & professional development, one that enables you to live your (work-) life to the fullest.

When formulating goals for our professional life we often get overwhelmed by what seems like a sea of choices with many external factors influencing our decisions. To be able to make decisions and figure out what’s best for you personally you need clarity on what’s important to you. 


We combine hands-on design thinking methods with holistic health principles in the tools we create. These tools let you explore underlying motivations and map out who you are and what makes you tick. They provide insight into what’s important to you right now and guide you in future decision-making in both your personal and professional life.  

  • similar to career counseling or job coaching but more accessible: less expensive, independently, at your own pace and home. 

  • in relation to personality test: a more in-depth, personal and all encompassing overview of your individual intrinsic motivations 

  • in addition to PD-plan from work: main focus on work-life balance and engagement driven by personal ambitions, motivations and goals in life. 



The Alta High on Life kit offers five exercises in which you’ll creatively explore what drives you in your day-to-day and why. With every exercise come stickers sheets with icons, words and quotes that help you answer questions about yourself that are normally quite hard to answer. 

Is it for you?
  • Wat wil ik bereiken binnen mijn werk? 

  • hoe wil ik me ontwikkelen? 

  • welke doelen stel ik? (bv in mijn POP) 

  • zit ik nog wel op de goede plek? 

  • Ik wil zo te veel, hoe stel ik prioriteit?

  • Past deze functie nog bij mijn?

  • Most employers have yearly budgets available for personal development inform with your employer for the possibilities