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Visions of you

While New Year’s resolutions get a bad rap and seem more or less doomed for failure, having a vision board has been a different story for me. There is just something about bringing pictures & words together that inspire and give something to hold onto, without adding pressure.

I must admit, it’s not for everyone. An ex-boyfriend used to tell me cutting and pasting activities are great for preschoolers but not for grown-men - which of course I totally disagreed with at the time. While I eventually stopped seeing said boyfriend, it pains me to admit he had a point. However, the guy was an engineer so I guess he was also kind of limited in his ‘outside-of-the-box thinking ’...

Anyway, let us continue.

Say you want to make one, but need help getting started? I always begin with asking myself how I want to feel in different areas of my life. On a vision board you want to display your ideas and dreams for the upcoming year (or more) so breaking down how achieving them will make you feel is the first step. Once these feelings have bubbled up, you eagerly catch them and turn them into images and motivating words.

As I write this, breaking down these steps make it sound more boring than it is. However, I promise it’s fun, easy and inspiring to do, even if right now you can only feel anxiety butterflies in your tummy. And EVEN if you’re a grown-ass man.

Without wanting to sound cheesy (or creepy), I really see my own vision board as my accountability partner who is constantly showing me what I am capable of and why I should keep showing up to make it happen. Call me crazy but it works!

I haven’t made a new one this year though, because the one from 2022 still does its job well. And in this video I share the whole process of making it. While your thumb might be twitching to close the browser and continue with your day, I really hope you don’t. Instead I hope you will have a watch & spend some minutes on getting crafty!

Good luck & have fun!



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