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Walden’s wisdom for life

What I learned from a man, living in a cabin in the woods back in 1845.

This week marks more than a century and a half since the death of Henry David Thoreau. His books are still so relevant today as he offers limitless wisdom for life.

In Walden; or Life in the Woods, Henry David Thoreau, reflects on his two year experiment of living alone in the woods, near Walden Pond, where he built himself a small cabin and earned a simple living mainly from the labour of his own hands. His urge for simple living in natural surroundings derived from his need to discover what was truly necessary in life.

When I read Walden for the first time about 8 years ago, I was fascinated by its relevance. A man, living in a cabin in the woods in 1845 inviting me, a girl, living more than a century and a half apart from him, to pause and reflect on my mode of living. Thoreau has been one of the first authors who has taught me that there are many options for how we want to live our lives.

Through his curious, observing and reflective nature I’ve learned a lot about the importance of reflecting on life. In order to free our minds from the thought of a life we should be living, instead of one that actually suits us we need to take the time out of our lives so we can reflect on our way of living. Why go on living in one way simply because it’s how others live?

Instead of a cabin in the woods I built myself Alta as a space for self-discovery. It’s not only for me though, it’s for everyone who is like me eager to explore and design a way of life for themselves that meshes with who they are.

In case you haven't read Walden, I highly recommend it. It's truly a treasure trove of wisdom for life!

Have a lovely Sunday,



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