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Creative kits

for personal development

At Alta we believe the benefits of a comprehensive approach to personal development are boundless. Instead of looking for an easy-fix solution we want to focus our time on cultivating a way of life.

It takes a lot of effort and introspection to figure out how you want to live your life and develop yourself. Answers to deep questions are hard to come up with, since they are buried deep down within us. We often lack the means to make our inner thoughts explicit.


Check out our first 

Alta’s Design Approach to Life

to life-02.png

Our experience is that a hands-on & visual approach to answering deep questions is extremely valuable in accessing these deeper layers within us and getting more skilled at thinking, feeling & engaging with the world we want to build for ourselves. 

Hands-on & visual

Therefore we are on a mission to design a range of creative kits with hands-on tools that let you creatively discover intrinsic motivations & new perspectives, map out aspirations and break down blockers to become focussed and actionable and design the (way of) life you want to be living. 


Tools for Life

3 kits

A series of exercises & guiding videos

kit 01

define, explore & reflect

The High on Life Kit

Mapping what is important to you and gets you excited to start prioritizing what truly matters to you.

kit 02

imagine, play & create

Coming Summer 2021

Identifying what is blocking you in pursuing ambitions to start prototyping life aspirations.


kit 03

design & transform

Coming Winter 2021

Manifesting your vision into an actionable plan to start cultivating your ideas for real.

What others say

"Iris takes you on a hands-on journey of self-discovery. She offers a lot to stimulate your thinking and organise your thoughts, all by yourself and at your own pace. I just love how the visual prompts enabled me to access thoughts and insights buried deep down within me, without even trying!"

Jorieke, The Netherlands

Alta’s Values

We have found that these themes are important for you to focus on:


A holistic life

You want to live a life that actually suits you and meshes with your character


At ease

You feel rushed a lot of the time and distracted in your activities



You want to have more compassion for yourself and feel confident about your own qualities



You want get focused on your priorities, close all the tabs that are open in your mind.



You want to get actionable on your wants and needs


Broaden perspectives

You are eager to learn more about other perspectives on the art of living



You are in need of an actionable plan to cultivate your (vague) ideas and wants for real



You want to overcome your fear of failure

The different creative kits will each have a specific focus and will complement the other kits. All together they will cover all of the topics and offer a comprehensive introspective approach.

Introducing Kit 01


The High on Life Kit

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