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A hands-on workbook for unraveling what you need to feel fulfilled, and alter your career to reflect this.

Crafting your
Career Choices

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What you’ll get

Alta Workbook Crafting Your Career Choices

4 worksheets

This workbook will help you with mapping your needs, motivations and ambitions to cultivate a fulfilling work life.

Through uplifting and beautifully designed exercises you will unravel what you’ll need from a job to feel aligned with what drives you, and define which direction to head next. At the end you will be clear about what goals you want to work towards, how you want to develop yourself and why.

If you want to make the most of the job you have right now or when you’re considering a career change, this is the workbook for you.

01  How do you feel at work?
01  How do you feel at work?

Which current projects, interactions & situations have a profound impact on how you feel?

02  What does a day in the life look like?
02  What does a day in the life look like?

Which activities keep you engaged & disengaged during a typical work day?

03  What should the future hold?
03  What should the future hold?

How do you envision your future work life 5-years from now?

04  Make it happen!
04  Make it happen!

What do you want to develop and how to take action right now?

Need additional help and guidance? 

Find the accompanying course Crafting Your Career Choices on Skillshare. In this accessible course, Iris shares her own worksheets to provide you with helpful examples, so you will never get stuck during any of the exercises.

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