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Less talking, more doing

High on life toolkit - exercises

No life coach needed

Unpacking High on life toolkit

Tools for life

This toolkit contains all the work you can do by yourself at home when you feel stuck - personally and/or professionally - and need some practical guidance moving forward.


Less talking, more doing. You being your own life coach.


I designed this toolkit when I felt completely lost and overwhelmed in my life. I was in need of practical tools that would help me  untangle my thoughts and see clearly again. Life tools for designing a life that brings out the best in me. 

The High on Life-kit

Premium, self-paced, at home

Through a series of video-guided hands-on exercises you’ll creatively explore what drives you in your day-to-day and why. Step-by-step you’ll work towards a final overview of priorities & what actions to take.

Alta - High on life
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High on life toolkit overview

What you’ll get

High on life toolkit - content
Exercise 1 - Mapping out you

estimated work time ≈ 2 hours

01  Mapping out you

A bird’s eye view

What makes you who you are?

The ultimate goal for this exercise is for you to gain clarity on what makes you ‘you’, so that you'll feel more knowledgeable and inspired by your own unique personality.

Video guidance from Iris walking you through all the steps. 

Exercise 1 - Reflecting on Pursuits

estimated work time ≈ 2 hours

02  Reflecting on Pursuits

Living in the present

What pursuits elevate your spirit?

The ultimate goal here is to discover what activities actually contribute to your overall well-being and sense of fulfillment in daily life and understand why these activities make you feel a certain way.

Iris gives clear examples to get you started.

Exercise 3 - Unraveling memories

estimated work time ≈ 4 hours

(2 templates)

03  Unraveling memories

Thinking of the past

What were you like when you were younger?

The ultimate goal for this exercise is for you to unravel what you were excited about as a kid before you had the responsibilities that come with being an adult. 

Iris carefully facilitates the process so you won’t get stuck along the way.

Exercise 4 - Dreaming it up

estimated work time ≈ 2 hours

04  Dreaming it up

Contemplating the future

What do you want to pursue?


The ultimate goal here is to unravel why you have certain dreams and ambitions and understand if they match your intrinsic motivations.

With the help of sticker prompts Iris makes sure you’ll imagination gets triggered.

Exercise 5 - Gaining Clarity

estimated work time ≈ 2 hours

05  Gaining Clarity

Defining your guiding principles

What are your guiding principles in navigating life?

In this final exercise you will unite all of your findings and define what is most important to you in living a life that meshes with your true nature. You will conclude the kit with concrete actions to start implementing into your life right now.

Iris explains how to distill your most important insights and get actionable.

What others say

"The Alta Kit has literally lifted a fog that I had in my brain for far too long. The way that it’s structured, playful but also precise forces you to see clearly and really helps to become unstuck. In addition it’s an amazing tool to come back to whenever a new choice or opportunity comes your way. I would highly recommend it to absolutely everyone, at any age or career stage."

Greta, Norway

Get unstuck, find focus


Finding Focus

Cluttered head space

Uncertainty about 
which direction to head.


Finding Focus

Focused on priorities

Clarity for

future life decisions.

01 - 

Knowing yourself

Knowing yourself

When figuring out our next move in both our personal and professional life we often don’t know where to start. 

In what seems like a sea of choices and many external influences it’s hard to make any decisions at all, let alone figure out what’s best for you personally.  

02 - 

Tidying your head space

Tidying your head space

To be able to make any choices at all, especially important life decisions, you need clarity and focus on your own intrinsic motivations. 


Once you know what makes you tick and needs prioritization you’ll be able to close many tabs open in your mind. 

03 - 

Identifying your priorities

Identifying your priorities

To transform your cluttered headspace into a tidy space of focus you need a well-structured approach. The high on life kit offers a step-by-step process for mapping your thoughts and enables you to distill what’s most important to you. 


Once you are clear on your personal values, a set of guiding principles will expose your main priorities at this stage in your life. This outline will direct you in future decision making in both your personal and professional life.

High on life Kit
Alta - High on Life kit
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