Alta - High on Life Kit

A design approach to life

For the curious individuals who are determined in evolving and creating a way of life for themselves that suits them and meshes with their character.

Personal growth

Personal growth

At Alta we believe in cultivating 
personal growth in an intentional, 
creative & expressive way by offering intuitive products that make people excited & fearless about living life to the fullest.

The toolkit
for designing your life

The benefits of a comprehensive approach to personal & professional development are boundless. Instead of looking for an easy-fix solution we want to focus our time on cultivating a way of life.

The Alta High on life kit provides you with the creative tools for figuring out your next move in life. It contains a set of worksheets for self-reflection, intentional goal setting and defining your purpose. With the kit comes step-by-step video guidance to facilitate your process, all from the comfort of your own home.

Alta - High on Life Kit
Alta - High on life
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Alta’s life design

After earning her Masters degree in Industrial Design and working as a designer & researcher for a few years Iris Jönsthövel founded Alta in 2021. It was during the many workshops she designed and facilitated that she found that the hands-on design methods she was practicing could be applied to designing her own life - as well as that of her friends. 

Alta’s design approach to life is rooted in experiment and curiosity for turning thoughts into focus and actionable steps to gain a clearer sense of direction in life. We provide you with the tools you need for designing your life and career. At Alta we don’t just create tools for this way of life --we live it.

Alta's life design

Our first product

Alta - Mapping out You

The High on Life Kit

What others say

"Iris takes you on a hands-on journey of self-discovery. She offers a lot to stimulate your thinking and organise your thoughts, all by yourself and at your own pace. I just love how the visual prompts enabled me to access thoughts and insights buried deep down within me, without even trying!"

Jorieke, The Netherlands

The Alta elements

At the core of our focus is a range of Alta elements that complement each other holistically. We build these elements for an expansive life into the products we design. At Alta we don’t just create the tools for this way of life -- we live it.

The Alta elements

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