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Get Unstuck
1-on-1 sessions

Get Unstuck 1-on-1 sessions
Tidying your head space

Tidying your head space

When I was stuck in life - both in my personal as well as my work life - I was in need of some practical guidance. I didn’t have the resources nor the interest or patience to visit a therapist or life coach, and I wanted to change things in a hands-on way. On top of that, I already knew I had all the tools available myself to get unstuck. I am a designer after all. Creative problem solving is my jam.  

Iris Jönsthövel - design thinking

So, I decided to take matters into my own hands and design my way forward through the messiness of my mind. With the use of design thinking tools, and customising them to my own needs, I was able to transform my cluttered headspace into a tidy space of focus. 

Design thinking tools

Iris Jönsthövel

The Designer’s way

Design thinking > Design doing

As a product designer (MS) I have a whole range of design tools available to navigate my way through a messy design process. A very great portion of my design activities involves gaining a deep understanding of the people I am designing for.  


My design thinking & doing skills allow me to make thoughts tangible and digestible and translate them into clear ideas for action.

Design thinking > Design doing

Navigating your messy mind

How we will co-create together
01 - Untangling your mind
Untangling your mind

Your mind is messy so let’s start with making your thoughts tangible in a clear and structered manner. 

02 - Creating focus
Creating focus

In order to get actionable you need focus. And to create focus you first need to close some open tabs in your mind.

03 - Finding direction
Finding direction

Once we have gotten to the core of your ‘stuckness’ we are able to come up with ideas for action.

What others say

"The Alta Kit has literally lifted a fog that I had in my brain for far too long. The way that it’s structured, playful but also precise forces you to see clearly and really helps to become unstuck. In addition it’s an amazing tool to come back to whenever a new choice or opportunity comes your way. I would highly recommend it to absolutely everyone, at any age or career stage."

Greta, Norway

Is it for you?

Calm & clear mind

Calm & clear mind

You want to get focused on priorities and let go of feeling rushed & distracted all day. 


You’re eager to explore and discover more about yourself & what’s important to you.


Sense of direction

You are at an uncertain stage in your life and ready for hands-on direction in navigating forward.

Sense of direction
Creative confidence

Creative confidence

You are ready to pinpoint what’s blocking you & reclaim your creative potential. 

In need of an action plan

You’re ready to start implementing more wants & needs into your day-to-day. 

In need of an action plan
Thrive in work & life

Thrive in work & life

You want to understand during which activities you feel most alive.

Personal guidance

Personal guidance

Let’s get practical

In order to become focussed and actionable and design the (way of) life we want to be living, we are all in need of practical guidance.


I was someone who needed to get their hands dirty and body and mind moving and now I want to share how i did that, with you!

How it works

Before the
Before the sessions
After the
After the sessions
Session 01

Categorise your mind  


We’ll be doing some in-depth context mapping to distill & categorise the main themes.



Session 02

Dream up ideas + vision  


We’ll do a brainstorm to come up with inspiring ideas + craft your personal vision. 

Session 03

Craft a plan for action


We’ll connect all the dots to get unstuck and translate them into an action plan.

Untangling your mind
Creating focus
Finding direction

Guided live sessions

With additional workbooks

In four online live sessions of 1.5 hours each, we can do a lot! And with the additional questionnaire booklet and actionable guidebook you get even more value for your money.


Each session is carefully prepared beforehand and organised afterwards by Iris, so that the time together can be fully spend on exploring your mind.

Get unstuck sessions

What's included in a 1:1 Get Unstuck program

​Over the course of 1.5 month I will personally guide you in bringing structure to your mind and creating a more fulfilling (work) life. We will do this with the help of:

  • Discovery call to see if we're the right fit

  • One pre-session discovery questionnaire

  • Access to your personal Mural board

  • Four live online 1:1 sessions of 1.5 hours each (so 6 hours in total!) 

  • Two homework assignments (yes, homework.. But these are fun!)

  • Closure: Your personal Stay Unstuck Guidebook with i.a. actions & a planner

Design proces

End result

A structured mind, clear future vision, carefully defined goals and actionable plan. 

It’s for you if you want to: 
  • Find out what you need from your job to feel fulfilled

  • Feel more connected to yourself, your life and your purpose 

  • Get clarity on your goals and what changes are needed 

  • Create more time for doing the things you love 

  • Pinpoint what’s blocking you with clear steps for how to solve them

  • Envision & plan out your future (work) life 

  • Action plan for how to achieve a more fulfilling (work) life


These are all signs that you are ready to start the process of untangling your mind, finding focus and setting clear directions.

Your investment:

The 1:1 Get Unstuck program is an investment in yourself and a commitment to the value of your (work) life. 


You will get 6,5 hours of one-on-one guidance, PLUS a personal questionnaire AND a personally crafted guidebook. ADDITIONALLY, Iris will prepare and dissect all of your sessions before- during and after each session so that the time together can be fully spend on untangling your mind.

All that, for just €999,-


Considering that most employers offer their employees personal development budgets, make sure to lay claim to that. This way your personal investment will be close to zero :)

Let's start here

Before committing to anything, let’s start with a free discovery call to see how I might be able to help you best. In the discovery call we will talk about your needs and expectations and what is holding you back. I will answer your questions and clear up any doubts you might have. Send me a message to plan a free 30-minute discovery call: 

Let's talk soon!

Iris Jönsthövel
Let's start here
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