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The High on Life Kit

The High on Life Kit

For the curious individuals who want to spend their time on getting to know their own tastes and desires better, this extensive kit contains a creative set of exercises and step-by-step videos for self-examination. 


Knowing yourself is a never-ending process, and having clarity on what’s important to you is at the root of all decision making. 


This kit is made for you if:


  •  you’re eager to unravel what makes you tick and how to cultivate this into work & life
  •  you’re in need of tidying your head space to transform thinking into doing
  •  you’re done with making other people’s dreams come true instead of your own
  •  you want to become inspired by your own personality and qualities
  •  you’re ready to move forward with a positive attitude & actionable approach to life
    •  Introduction booklet
    • 10+ hours of expressive exercises on distinctly designed templates 
    • 1 hour of step-by-step video guidance by Iris to lead you through the exercises
    • 9 visual association sticker sheets to trigger your thinking
    • A handmade document folder for careful storage
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