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Creating a home that feels good: Cottage room makeover

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As a dedicated homebody I am a big believer in creating a home that feels good and that makes it easy to do the things you love doing. A feelgood home makes it easy to live well. When your spaces (no matter how small) feel like you want to hang out there - whether you want to be cooking or reading or crafting or singing or… - you’ve got yourself a feelgood home.

Until a few weeks ago our main cottage bedroom slash workout room in no way met this description. So, when it was -22*C in our valley and going outside felt like a heroic act we decided to pour some love into this old wooden room.

So we stripped it, painted the wooden panels, sanded the floor and created a cosy nook to sit and stretch after workouts. And even though we knew that this upgrade would make it look so much better, we are impressed with how much better we feel when we enter the room. 

The ways that our homes can influence our well-being is so interesting to me. When I work with people during my Get Unstuck sessions the challenges people face are oftentimes their lack of time and lack of energy for doing the things they love doing. It’s really hard to find more time in your day when you’re checking off long to-do lists but when it comes to a lack of energy your home can actually have a huge impact. Creating your spaces in a way that it supports your life makes you feel better and excited to do the things you love doing.

Cottage life in this winter wonderland has really had a therapeutic effect on me in the way I prioritise my time and energy, and renovating our bedroom slash workout room has done so much for the way we feel when we’re in it. 

So when creating a personal video this month I thought it would be fun to share some bits and pieces around creating a home that feels good by showing our cottage room makeover and how I juggle my time, energy & emotions so that they support me in doing the things I love doing. It turned out to be a little bit of everything, therefore I titled it: Cottage Therapy ;-]

I hope this video makes you feel excited to explore how your schedule and home could help you in doing the things you love without too much stress and judgement.    

Hopefully you'll enjoy creating a home that feels good just as much as I do and it will give you a positive boost for making it through the last leg of winter!



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