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Creative alignment

For me these first few weeks of the year have felt strange but good. Uncomfortable but solidifying. It felt like two months packed into one, like there was just no end to it (in a good way). I think it’s been one of the best January’s I’ve had in a long time. Not because anything extraordinary has happened but because I finally felt realigned with why I am here, on this giant floating rock.

At the end of last year I didn’t feel aligned in my role as a business owner. I felt sucked into the belief that "the truth is in the hands of the few" ; the people who are successful in what they’re doing. I got so caught up in the stream of trying to figure out how to do something or how to be more like someone else (since what they did was successful and I don’t want to fail) that I forgot about myself.

This belief was driving the way I acted. But because I was so confused about how to do all these things I was supposed to do to become ‘successful, I couldn’t tap into my creative brain anymore.

So, things needed to change. Because my creative self was literally banging its head against the wall saying “I want out, I want out”.

This January I finally let her out.

I cut my screen time in half and let the headbanger do the talking.

I took a deep dive into understanding my voice and my story and took a stab at putting it into words. What I found out was that I had to start asking myself different questions.

Instead of:

“what should I make/do/tell so people will like it/buy it?”

I had to turn it around into:

“What do I like?” “What do I care about?” “What’s unique about the way I see things, experience things?”

I came to the simple & quite obvious conclusion that when I talk about the things that matter to me and create the things I am passionate about, I can connect with people in a way that’s genuine and true. Only then will any of the things I create be of value to others.

Which is ultimately my definition of being ‘successful’ and the only way I want to create anything anyway.

That said, I really hope that the video I’ve created for you this January will show you a bit of this trueness and passion I am talking about. Don’t be fooled by the title though, because it’s not necessarily about escaping a busy life.

It’s a combination of footage of me attempting to nordic ski and me sharing my thoughts on creative problem solving. It’s a short one this time, and it also includes some fun graphics I made in an attempt to create more of an artsy vibe. I don’t know if I’ve succeeded but hey, I had a lot of fun making them.

Anyway, I hope you'll have five minutes to spare to watch it and that you’ll find a little nugget of inspiration in there!

I really hope you’ll enjoy it! And when you do, it would mean the world to me if you can let me know by giving it your like on Youtube. ♡

Thank you for reading,

X Iris


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