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Reading for guidance & comfort

When everything going on in the world feels devastatingly heartbreaking, painful and incomprehensible and the future feels deafening in its uncertainty, I feel reading books can offer us comfort, nothing else seems to be able to give. We may find solace in books and reassurance that it’s OK to feel lost or scared and hope for the world to come.

Life really has been feeling so brutal these days and it feels more important than ever to take care of ourselves and each other.

In more ways than one reading is known to reduce stress and reading about the stories of other people, real or fictional, challenges us to empathise and understand those from different cultures and backgrounds. It also makes us question ourselves.

Reading teaches us not only about our common humanity, but also about the world and our role in it.

We can turn to novels to transport ourselves to another world and get lost in a narrative so far from our own reality that it can feel like we live it ourselves. We learn to understand other people’s emotions better and the different characters can help us feel understood.

Non-fiction books can help us with developing a philosophy for our lives by offering strategies to organise our thoughts and infuse tranquility into our daily life.

On the whole, books tell us that it’s OK to be scared, to have complicated feelings, to feel a bit lost, and they remind us that we are human.

Both nonfiction and fiction books have given me so much throughout my life, especially during times I need guidance with navigating my emotions. Over the years I’ve tried to capture all the nuggets of wisdom in my notebooks so that I could turn to them when needed and share them with others.

They have shaped me into who I am today and have presented me with different world views to be understanding of others.

Since each person’s taste is different, I am reticent to give any book recommendations.

Therefore, in my newest YouTube video I want to read you some encouraging passages from the books that have been meaningful to me in the past when I felt unsettled, which are hopefully of added value to you as well.

I really hope the passages I share resonate with you in some way and give you a little piece of comfort in these unsettling times. I also hope you feel encouraged to look up your favourites as well, and spend some quality time with them.

Wishing you a peaceful week ahead of you.

Much love,



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