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Show yourself some love

With Valentine’s Day just behind us, it feels like a perfect moment to show ourselves some love & attention. Because with so much uncertainty and the feeling of powerlessness overwhelming us every day these past two years living in times of Covid, staying true to who we are has never felt more difficult.

With Covid rules & regulations being eased across Europe, it feels like we can slowly let go of all uncertainties and start making space for our own needs. How wonderful that, after two years of feeling unsettled we can finally take some first steps towards new beginnings.

Personally, I am eager to get back in touch with who I am and reprioritise how I want to spend my time. I already feel my sense of self is becoming stronger again and I feel ready for some change. What I truly hope though is that you are sharing this feeling with me!

The question then is how to go from feeling ready for change to understanding what to take action upon? How to identify what's important to you and what things you want to spend more time on? Well, I believe it all starts with exploring your unique self.

Therefore, in my newest YouTube video I want to share with you my go-to design tool that will help you with mapping your unique self, so that you can start centering all that you want to do around your strengths and motivations to make some transformational changes. I hope you’ll enjoy it!

Below you can download the Empathy Map template for free, to start mapping yourself!

Much love,



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