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City girl, Cottage life

Have you ever wondered about what your life could look like when living in the countryside? A life with less distractions and a slower pace to find more time for interests you would otherwise never get around to doing?

I have, for a pretty long time already. But it was always something that felt unachievable because of work, age, friendships and living in the Netherlands. A flat country with buzzing cities but sleepy villages with mainly elderly living there.

So when one year ago my partner and I crafted a plan together to make this dream somehow come to life, an opportunity arose for us to move to Norway. Suddenly we could start designing a life different from the one we had, but not too radical of a change for us to completely ditch modern life.

So we exchanged our city apartment for a life in the Norwegian countryside. We got very lucky when we found this beautiful cottage just an hour away from the city. Our free time is now being spend on gardening and biking through the valley, and it's been wonderful.

Since transitioning from city girl into cottage girl I have been exploring & embracing my new countryside lifestyle. I must admit, it's not too radical of an alteration since I’ve always been a homebody, but life does have changed a little.

There is no excuse anymore to stay inside all the time when the sun is out. It’s just too easy and very zen without the honking cars and other distractions of city life. Also, time actually seems to go slower here which is a very strange sensation...

With all these imaginary extra minutes in my day and the fact that I am trying to embody my cottage girl persona, I have been spending some time on learning more about nutrition. We have built a small greenhouse for growing (mainly) zucchinis and cherry tomatoes, and I am making my own herb/weed teas. So I’m trying! If your curious about my experience and you'd enjoy a little glimpse into my life in the countryside so far, I suggest you have a look at the video below!

I hope that sharing my experience will you some insight into life outside of the city as a thirty something...



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