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Designing a simple life

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It’s the start of September already and over here in Southern Norway summer is cooling down, mainly thanks to a visit from Storm Hans and loads of rain showers. But we can’t complain really, we haven’t had any flood damages like many others have in areas nearby. So even though parts of summer have felt like Fall already, I’m excited for the months ahead.

A sunset sky above a valley in Norway

Being back in a work routine after a bit of a break feels good. I like my work and my schedule. And what I really like is crossing things off of to-do lists (who doesn't ;-). But, being my own boss sometimes leads to working non-stop which makes it hard to step out of the crush of doing.

I chalk it up to how much work there always is to do, but if I'm honest, I think I’m a little afraid of the lack of feeling productive. Knowing this, I have been making an effort this work week to put other priorities than work on my to-do list, so they don’t get squeezed out of my days.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I have been keeping score of the specific activities that make me feel good & healthy this summer. It’s been a real fun exploration and I’m eager to keep carving out time for these things now that the summer break is over. What I think is important to remind myself of though is to not cram my days with activities. Instead, simplify as best as I can.

And on this note, I wanted to share with you the new video I made on designing a simple life. My dad thought this title was quite funny because to him a simple life is a life that is effortless, without an intended design. But I believe designing your (simple) life is all about being intentional about your priorities and focus. And design thinking exercises are excellent for doing that!

My favourite author John Steinbeck shared his perspective on the importance of design in our lives in his book Travels with Charley, which I deeply resonate with:

“It seemed to give the journey a design, and everything in the world must have design or the human mind rejects it.”

So when you feel you could benefit from some focus and prioritisation in your life, make sure to give these exercises I share in this video a go. And please share how it went below!



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