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Cottage life - 1 year in

It’s already been one year since my partner and I moved from a large city in the Netherlands to the countryside of Southern Norway. So far it has brought us a slower pace of living which has resulted in a deeper connection with the natural world. One of our new hobbies include gardening, which turned out to be a very creative pastime for us.

This is our second Spring living in Norway and this time around we knew we needed to step up our garden game. Our cottage garden has finally been greening up around the edges so these past few weeks we have been busy growing green fingers. We have planted some seeds and have built 6 cute greenhouses for them to flourish into some fresh produce. And now we tend to our tiny crops like they're our babies.

My partner has been doing most of the gardening work so far since I have been catching up with city life back home in the Netherlands while visiting friends & family. Whenever I’m there it feels like I'm stepping into another life for a while, and it feels a bit strange to talk about ‘my countryside life’ with my friends. When they ask me about my experience so far I want to paint the whole picture of all that I really enjoy and all that I miss. But I find it hard to put everything into words when being away from it all. There is not a short, one-sided answer to give and I'd rather show them things about my life here, instead of giving a dull summary of the pros and cons.

So, when I came back home after my trip and swapped city life again for my country life I picked up my camera to record some bits and pieces of our ‘other life’ out here in Norway. The video I created from it has turned into a 1-year reflection because when I filmed it, the words I hadn’t been able to find when talking with my friends, now came to me. It includes all that I love so far and all that I miss about my life in the city.

I hope it will delight you in some way or another; I for one really enjoyed making it!

X Iris


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