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For anyone feeling lost

With a new season approaching I feel many of us are experiencing a shift in how we want to spend our days & nights. Some of us need a little extra guidance during these transitioning phases as we make space for our own personal wants & needs. Some even may feel a little bit lost right now (which is very common and nothing wrong with!) and could use some extra guidance moving forward.

There’s this great quote by successful model Ashley Graham in which she talks about the importance of knowing yourself in times when you don’t have it all figured out.

“Staying true to who you are is easy when you know who you are. Getting to know yourself is really key in whatever you’re trying to do. Who am I? And not have the world tell me who I am.”

So what about saying feeling lost is part of the human experience and offers an opportunity for us to get to know ourselves a little better?

In order to turn our aimlessness into focus and action when struggling with decision making, we need to tune in to our personal qualities and interests. The moment we feel more comfortable with ourselves and our own wants and needs, navigating forward will become a lot easier.

But how do we go about this? Where to start when we want to get to know ourselves better, our wants & our needs?

Here’s my way of doing it: the designer's way. I use trigger words, icons and quotes to help with accessing what’s on our minds and put thoughts onto paper. By providing prompts to choose from, our thought process will be more structured and we’ll be better able to communicate what we’re thinking about.

And to make it easy peasy for you to do as well I've created a printable guide and video to follow along. I hope you'll join me! It's easy, it's fun, and it's totally worth your time, I promise :D Just download my guide, print it out, get your scissors out, your glue and a pen and let’s get going.

I hope that after watching this video and filling in the templates you feel not so lost anymore and instead feel hopeful for the future ahead. Thanks a lot for taking the time to catch up with me today, I hope you have a wonderful day.



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