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In search of intuition

This week I am struggling to get some words on paper. Actually, it feels like it’s been

a year (or even two?) I have written something that came to me intuitively.

Maybe it’s the constant urge for trying to stay relevant and afloat as a small business owner that numbs my intuitive mind and slams down creativity. Or it could be my discomfort with creating thumb-stopping social media content that leaves me floored.

Do you know what I mean? When was the last time you trusted your gut instinct and decided to go with it, without overanalysing, or rationalising with your mind?

Are we not most beautiful in those moments when we are not concerned with how we might appear to others but instead stay true to who we are? When we are in wild pursuit of what makes us feel alive?

As you know, I create tools for designing a (work) life you’ll love. Much of what I try to help others with is about coming into rhythm with themselves by using these design tools. Because what I really believe is that when we can tune out all the societal noise and tune back into our own intuition and motivations, everything in our life has a chance to elevate. Recently I lost a little bit of that feeling of being rooted in my essence. So with the new year approaching and a new birthday coming up, I feel it’s more important than ever to reclaim that feeling again. But we all know that in order to do so, we have to know and make time for what it is we love in the first place. This requires reflection, commitment and prioritisation.

If this all resonates with you and you feel something needs to change, you might want to know more about my most beloved offering which is on sale this month.

The High on Life-kit When we can get clarity on our most important and interesting thoughts we have everything we need to get actionable and come into our own natural rhythms. In five beautifully designed exercises - including structured worksheets, a range of sticker prompts and step-by-step video guidance - you’ll unravel what it is you love, what you’re most in need of right now, and what makes you feel most like yourself. You can see and read more about it and all the nice things people said about it here.

X Iris


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