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Reflect & Reset your life

The last week of the 2022 I have been taking some downtime to spend a couple of hours on my end-of-the-year evaluation. For me this goes beyond taking some vacation days, but really giving myself the time to sit quietly and evaluate the previous year. Because with every new year it’s easy to go full steam ahead and continue our busyness but if we never carve out the time to reflect on what we’re doing, we might be going into a direction that’s not serving us well.

Also, if we would take a moment and think about what we loved about the previous year, what worked well, what didn’t work well, and what we do not want to repeat we might see it was a really full year with some wonderful things that happened.

By dedicating this time to reflect on what’s working for me and what’s not I hope to be entering the new year with intention and lightness.

My evaluation includes creating an outline of the past year and noting down all of my 'wins' and 'pain points' of the last twelve months. It's a bit of work but when you're done I really feel it gives a great overview and clarity about what you need from your life and career to feel good & ready for the new year.

I've created a short video on this whole process I went through (incl. more cabin life impressions :) and I share my top three wins and losses of 2022. I hope you'll have a look and give it a go yourself, it wil really be worth the effort I promise!

I wish you love & laughter for a good year to come,



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