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Using creativity as wellness

A visual of a person reading a book in a hammock

We were out wandering yesterday in the nearby forest and I found myself thinking about the seasons and how pretty Fall is, draped and drenched in endless gold. Even though October & November can also be chilly and wet, I’m so inspired by its beauty. The soul needs autumn.

And wet it was. While visiting the Netherlands these past few weeks, I got rained on almost every single day. Still, it was an amazing trip back home. Spending time with my favourite human beings has been so wonderful, and I had such a blast at the Dutch Design Week facilitating my workshop ‘Design the (work) life you’ll love’.

Some of my participants were so kind to share their experience with me :

"The workshop materials you provided - the worksheets, icons, words and quotes - were amazingly helpful in gaining clarity about what I need to do next"

"You have inspired me to start chasing my dream, right here right now"

"I cannot believe the range of new insights and ideas I got in just 1,5 hours. Thank you Iris!"

To say I am overwhelmed with goodness is a gross understatement.

Coming back to Norway I was still brimming with new ideas & sweetness. Also, while I was gone and enjoying rainy weeks in the Netherlands, it had snowed already in Norway. My partner and I got so excited already that we got ourselves a new pair of cross-country skis and built a cute storage rack for all of our winter sports equipment. It’s a pretty decent collection by now, we feel very Norwegian.

I always need a bit of time to adapt to get back into my daily routine after a long break, especially when it comes to my personal ‘creative wellness practice’. I’ve been fiercely working on cultivating creative wellness in my life over the years because of its therapeutic effects on mind and body. So, I really wanted to get my habits back on track as soon as possible. To give myself a little push back into it and to encourage you to hopefully do the same, I decided to share a few of the ways I try to make creative wellness a high priority in my life.

I believe creativity can be a great way to express emotions and cope with difficult feelings, helping you to feel more balanced and centered. When talking to a grieving friend about her need for time and headspace to infuse creativity into her day more, it made me aware of the importance of sharing my experience with cultivating creative wellness for improving our health.

What I hope this video brings you is a little encouragement for exploring your own ways of infusing creativity into your daily life. I believe we are all innately creative and we are unhappy because we mostly consume when we are meant to create. If we view creativity as a wellness practice, we see that it can be cultivated.



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