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Let's get visionary

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

2022 is approaching and I must say I’m pretty excited about it. A few weeks ago I shared with you my process of evaluating 2021 and since then I've been in visionary mode! I’ve been busy dreaming up a vision board to enter the new year with clarity and focus!

I’m not sure if you’ve heard about the concept of a vision board before? To put it bluntly, it’s a cool word for collage and a great way to display your thoughts, your goals and dreams in a visual format. Creating your own vision board can be a powerful, meditative process that brings clarity on what you really want your life to look and feel like. Its about taking your goals and thinking about how achieving them will make you feel, and then translating those feelings into images. Therefore on a vision board you include photos, inspiring words and quotes, illustrations, personal affirmations, or anything else that speaks to you.

It probably won’t come as a surprise that dreaming up a vision board gets my creative juices flowing! In my daily practice as a designer I use vision boards regularly to act as a compass in moving me in the direction I’ve imagined. Therefore I want to share with you my experience of creating a vision board that includes anything that inspires and motivates you for the next year to come.

I remember the first time I created one, back when I was a teenager dreaming about the distant future. It gave me hope and trust in what my life could look like when I would be older. I still feel like that now when I am creating one. Ever since, my vision boards have brought focus and clarity on what I want to work towards.

The first step in putting my visionary world onto a piece of paper is thinking about what my goals are in the following areas: relationships, career, finances, fun, home, personal growth and health (mental/physical). For anyone familiar with the Alta High on life-kit, I have distilled all of my goals & dreams from everything that I have discovered and defined in the kit’s exercises. Therefore the Alta-kit makes for a great starting point in creating my vision board.

The next step is the funnest part, which is looking for pictures that represent or symbolise the experiences and feelings I want to attract. Here I make use of pictures from magazines, things I’ve photoshopped, photos from my own personal collection and images from the Internet. When visualising my dreams and goals for the future I don’t focus on “stuff” so much as on how I want to FEEL. That’s why I like to add words to my vision board that describe how I want to feel, such as: “bulletproof,” “connected,” “fearless,” “creative,” “inspired” “loving,” and “financially free.”

So let me now explain a teeny bit about what’s on my board and why.

  • On a career level - this one covers most of the space - what I would like to make happen is to travel the world for events and fairs I can present myself at. I would love to collaborate with others and together create awesome work. Also, I have many ideas for Alta so I make sure to put these ambitions on my vision board!

  • When thinking about home I would love to live somewhere closer to the snow because snow makes me feel very excited and at ease. It would be wonderful to have a studio space in my home as well to create art & stock my Alta products.

  • Since I am also very much into fitness & exercise and I’m looking for ways to bring this more into what I do for Alta, I have put my face on the cover of the Women’s Health since this would make for great exposure ;-]

  • When it comes to relationships I would love to connect with different types of people, f.e. musicians. Also, I am looking forward to inviting more friends over and connect with them meaningfully.

  • Lastly, I want to include positivity and stoic meditations into my daily routine.

I always come back to the fact that your thoughts create your reality. What you focus on expands. Therefore I believe that once you set the intention for what you want and how you want to feel, you will always have a compass guiding you towards the things you envision for yourself.

I really hope sharing my experience will motivate you to try it yourself. I have shared my vision board and the process of how to make one on my YouTube channel in case you’re curious and need some help with making one yourself! In this video I go even more into detail why it's a helpful tool in gaining clarity on what you really want your life to look and FEEL like.

But, since I am a big believer of understanding yourself, your motivations and your ambitions before you start planning any major life changes for 2022, I highly recommend spending time on those things first! To encourage you in doing this and to start the new year with focus and confidence I am giving you 35% off of the High on Life-kit. Make sure to use this code at the check out :D

Valid until 9 January 2022

Wishing you a fantastic Holiday season, with loads of joy, love, and a great time with your loved ones!



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